Rupal & Tik's Indian Wedding in Dallas, TX

Incredible wedding for Rupal & Tik - I had so much fun photographing their multi-day Indian Wedding! What an honor to be trusted by a loving couple. They have so many great hobbies together, one of which is to watch Dallas Maverick games together! We started off on Thursday evening with their Sanjeet party and then moved on to the Mehendi and Haldi party on Friday. This is a very emotional celebration with their close family and friends blessing their loved ones about to enter marriage.

And then of course the reception…you can tell how much they love the Dallas teams such as the Mavericks, Cowboyws and Stars when the back of their cake by Bakeology DFW ( has all the teams on a layer of cake…clever! I’ve never seen this before and will totally begin to recommend this to my future couples ;)

But of course…after all that hard work…you let loose a little ;)

Thanks to the following vendors!
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L&A: Vietnamese Wedding at Zanders, Dallas

Meet Lynda and Anthony - I’ve known her for many years now from back in my days as a club photographer…so for them to ask me to photograph their Vietnamese Wedding in Dallas, I was totally honored and humbled!

Funny story, they actually met at another wedding I had photographed in Richardson a few years back so to see their love life unfold before me was quite the experience - they’re huge football fans so a part of their engagement session was actually at the Frisco Cowboys practice facility.

Anyways, please enjoy the preview of their day and special thanks to my team and to the following vendors!

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