Engagement | Taelyr & RC | Dallas, TX

When clients find me and are willing to travel to you from outside of the city, you are pretty honored and humbled.  So when Taelyr and RC found me and said they would be driving in from Austin, my jaw was on the floor!  Since I'm an on-location photographer, I like to use the environment around you to tell your story, but they trusted me so much, they drove to me!  One request Taelyr had was that she wanted to find a really large "King's" chair...she felt it would fit their personality perfectly.  At the time, I couldn't find the chair and told her "let's not plan for it..." but secretly I was now on a mission! 

Lo and behold...my amazing friend Gideon helped me find me a Kris Trevino piece at On Premise in Deep Ellum.  Well...that made Taelyr ecstatic when I surprised her!  I love making my clients feel their best!  Special thanks to On Premise in Deep Ellum for letting us use their location for the shoot, Kris Trevino for the amazzzzing art pieces and Gideon Swift for being an amazing right-hand man!