Engagement | Rachel & Peter | Dallas, TX

Rachel & Peter reached out to me late last year in hopes of finding a wedding photographer that was just a little different, a little unique a little quirky.  So I told them I thought I was different, quirky and fun but to be sure...we should meet up!  After we agreed on a Starbucks near each other...we begin talking about their big day and it was apparent how much of an amazing fit they were for each other =)  We went on to discuss how their engagement photos would be like...and they loved what I had to offer...fast forward a few months and we were ready to do their engagement photos!   They wanted something with wine & motorcycles...so of course I went out to start doing research...

Big thanks to Veristas Wine Bar and The Mitchell in Downtown Dallas for everything they've done!  And of course, Gideon Swift for his company and assistance!