Engagement | Marlene & JC's Engagement Session | Dallas, TX

Thanks for keeping patient with me guys, November has been quite the hectic month.  I went off to Japan to do vacationing and then of course spent some time with my family and friends for Thanksgiving...but before all of that, I had the privilege to take these incredible shots of Marlene & JC for their engagement session!  Their wedding isn't until next Spring, but I couldn't help but share a few of my favorites!  With some networking and the right people, we were able to pull some strings to allow us to use 508 Park's historic venue, which has seen it used as a recording studio in the 1930's and then a film transfer station for films in Dallas.  Walking through the halls of this fabled building is like walking back in time...while the view from the rooftop and its famous mural with a view of Downtown Dallas...have I told you guys how much I love my job? ;)

As for Marlene & JC - how incredible do they look!?  JC's the suave, under-stated Gentleman while Marlene is the out-going, energetic and un-afraid!  A wonderful pair!  With personalities as such...they wanted something different and unique...I think we nailed it ;)