Quality vs. Quantity in Wedding Photos

Most brides have every right to ask for the quantity of the portraits they will be receiving from their wedding photographer. We understand the dilemma of weddings coming with too many expenses already and the expectations of the couple to get the best of everything in as little budget as possible. But sadly when it comes to quality, the smallest budget does not always give life long memories. Out of all the expenses you are making on your wedding day, make sure to focus on the ones that will build memories for a lifetime. 

How Many Photos in an Album?

According to a professional wedding photographer from Stylish Wedding Photography with over 20 years of experience, when it comes to numbers, they can provide you all the numbers you want by shooting on their mere iPhone but then again, it will be just numbers and no quality. Providing quality in photography is only possible after a great deal of processing and editing and that comes with a ton of time and effort. 

Providing a well thought out wedding story in a main wedding album is important. Stuffing albums with unnecessary photos is not always the best route. However, it does not mean that the extra photos are a waste. Most professional photographers can create an extra album for you including back-ups on Dropbox or Google Drive so that you, your family, and your friends can conveniently view them online.  

Photographers at Sussex claim to cover an event of 10-12 hours with about 3,000 images. Some weddings might vary, so the count may go up to 4,000 frames. Also, it does not mean that if a professional has shot 3,000 images, they are to deliver all of them to you. We usually have to rely on the perfect frame to emerge at any given time and that requires a lot of shots. 

Though, that does not mean that all of those shots were perfect. And that is where photo processing and in-depth analysis of each frame comes in to play. After your wedding, photographers pick and choose the ones with the best stories, expressions, frames, and lighting to deliver only the best.

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