I first met Patrick when we used to work together at Methodist and he had recently moved down from Minnesota. They brought him in because he was a genius and I wasn't doing enough work...or something like that ;)   We'd always go to happy hours afterwards and talk about everything from politics to work to girls and how difficult it was to meet someone down to earth here in Dallas.  I would agree with him, nod my head and order another round.  After I left my day job, I ran into him again at Community Brewery in Dallas and...lo and behold!  He has a beautiful lady wrapped around his arms, Emma!  We caught up over a round of beers and I could tell he was quite smitten by her.  Fast forward and he calls me up one day for Happy Hour...and to ask me to shoot his wedding!  Of course I was honored to...I knew I would have a lot of fun because the wedding would be at the Museum of Modern Art in Ft Worth!  Emma told me that we would have TOTAL creative freedom over our process and that she did not want to hold us back.  So with our teams' creative juices flowing...we got to work.  We cannot express how much fun we had that night capturing all of the emotions, the love that Patrick & Emma had for each other and their friends and family.  And for me specifically, just getting to see all my old friends again.  What a night, so much fun!  Big thanks to Bumble Bee Occassions for helping us with our day, the Modern Art of Fort Worth for hosting, the Stevie James Trio and Pastor Dave Tucker for officiating duties!  And biggest thanks of course to my team-mate and friend Robert Yu!