Family | Harper & Beckett | Dallas, TX

Meet Harper & Beckett!  I always enjoy doing family photos because it's always fun to look back at your photos years from now and wonder where all that time went.  When their Mother saw the photos I did of Bebe's Engagement Photos, she knew she had to have me as their family photographer.  And I was happy to oblige!  What an incredible family to shoot and a big honor to be trusted by them.  I can't wait to see Harper & Beckett grow up through the years =)  

Engagement | Bebe & Kevin's Portland Engagement Session | Cannon Beach | Portland, Oregon

Bebe is one my biggest fans in the world and I'm one of hers as well.  We both met as business professionals starting a business (which is scary!) and soon became great friends.  I love her and her amazing talents to death.  If you ever need an amazing make-up artist, please touch base with her at BMadeByBebe!  So when she told me she had met the man of her dreams and they were getting married...well...I knew exactly what I had to do!  We sat, we talked, we discussed about flying me out to Portland, Oregon...where Kevin and Bebe first met.  And then we got our scheduled figured out and made it happen...Having never met Kevin before, I didn't know what to expect.  But when he picked me up from the airport and we started chatting, I knew I was going to like the guy a lot.  Well, he also told me a little secret on the way there..."Hey, I know I'm just now meeting you for the first time...but when we do these photos...can you take pictures of our proposal too?"  Wait...what?  AWESOME!   I get to take photos of the proposal too!  Have I mentioned how much I love what I do? :)  So on the way, we pick up Mun and begin to head out to Cannon Beach.  Mun Li is one of Bebe's best friends and an amazingly talented photographer out in Portland - I wish I could visit more often so I could go shooting with her more often but that's another story for another time.  If you need a photographer in that part of the country as well, look her up!  Well...enough talk, let's get to the photos! cool is that sea-gull?  Apparently he wanted in on the action as well ;) 

Donny & Noy's Big Day in Deep Ellum - Dallas, TX!!

When I first decided to become a full-time professional wedding photographer, some of the largest support I ever got with this decision came from my amazing friends, Donny & Noy.  I've known them collectively for over 15 years starting in High School and their first words to me were "Well it's about damn time!"  Well...I'm sure the words were close enough as we were probably a few drinks in by then... ;)  To show me how much they cared and supported my decision, they were also my first clients I booked way back in the Fall of 2014 when I became the full-time photographer.  Needless to say, I was very grateful and happy to be part of their big day when October 10th finally came around!  Enough words, see some love instead :)