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I love a sense of adventure, freedom, and risk when taking photographs - Although I believe in the motto "All you need is love" to take a wonderfully captive moment, I will never deny that having a new and unique location will add a bit of 'zest' to that photo.  So when Bebe asked me to photography photos where she and her fiance first went hiking...I was happy to grab my cameras, pack my bags and fly to Portland and drive 2 hours to do some hiking ;)  

And well...it was quite an adventure for sure...the first day, I arrived - Kevin "officially" proposed to Bebe which surprised everyone - how perfect is that?  You can see those images here:


As we continue to hang out and I get to learn more about their incredible relationship - how they met, where they hung out, how they fell for each other...I too soon caught the bug.  Not the good bug, but the one that causes sneezes, fevers and coughing.  And with that scratch of the throat, off I climb!  2.5 miles up the side of a mountain.  Poor Kevin had a wedding dress to carry while me and Mun from Mun Li's Photography carried all the camera equipment.  And of course, all Bebe had to do was look amazing like she always does ;)  But when we took sight of the views...everything just melted away and only pure beauty remained - all we wanted to do was to be part of the moment and enjoy creating some amazing art...what a great day we had!  Special thanks to Mun Li for helping me get around.  If you ever need a photographer in the PDX area - I can't recommend her enough!