Bridal Session | Ursula & Joseph | Dallas, TX

I've been dying to post these photos...!  Our team just did Ursula & Joseph's wedding last week in San Antonio and I've been holding onto these photos for quite some time.  But finally...FINALLY!  I get to show the world her Bridal shots!!  She looked utterly incredible and I can't wait to show the wedding photos!  

Wedding | Perla & Mark | Hidden Springs Event | Aubrey, TX

How fortunate that I got the chance to photograph Mark & Perla's wedding - and by total serendipity!  We first met at a volunteering event in the late summer of 2015.  We were putting school bags together when we were both assigned to count the (1000!) bags as the team were making them.  I'm not sure if you guys have ever counted to 1000, but let me tell's not that easy!  Through passing conversation we learned a little more about each other...including the fact that Mark was getting married soon and so we exchanged information.  Well that day finally arrived and well...I was pretty excited because of their excitement as well - I love the energy that they have for each other and I feed off of that!  You can't help but feed off of that energy behind the camera.  It's a very special for photographers to be behind the camera on days like this!  Please take a look and join in our celebration for Mark & Perla!

Big thanks to my friend Charles for keeping me on my toes and Hidden Springs Event for their fantastic venue! 

If you're a family or friend, please contact Perla & Mark for the secret password to see all of their photos!

Donny & Noy's Big Day in Deep Ellum - Dallas, TX!!

When I first decided to become a full-time professional wedding photographer, some of the largest support I ever got with this decision came from my amazing friends, Donny & Noy.  I've known them collectively for over 15 years starting in High School and their first words to me were "Well it's about damn time!"  Well...I'm sure the words were close enough as we were probably a few drinks in by then... ;)  To show me how much they cared and supported my decision, they were also my first clients I booked way back in the Fall of 2014 when I became the full-time photographer.  Needless to say, I was very grateful and happy to be part of their big day when October 10th finally came around!  Enough words, see some love instead :)