Wedding | Quyen & Peter | Dallas, TX

When Quyen and Peter first contacted me to shoot their big day, they were based out of Colorado at the time, finishing school.  I knew that when I spoke to them over the phone, that they would be people I'd like to hang out with after the wedding.  As their big day came (along with a move back to Texas!) I soon found out that many of their friends were also my friends. It turned out to be a fantastic time due to great friends of old while making new friends at the same time!  

There were many wonderful moments for me at this wedding...I think from the beginning you could tell there were a lot of nerves from everyone but as the day wore on, the stress soon melted away.   You could tell because Peter would begin fist pumping in happiness every now and then or when he would give playful looks to Quyen...she didn't always catch them, but when she did, Quyen would flash a big smile back at him.  My most favorite catch however was the Quyen hugging her Dad during the dance.  It's a peaceful moment in a sea of motion...a moment as if telling her "You're in great hands with Peter...I love you."    Towards the end of the night, it just became a big blur - lots of dancing, lots of drinking and a lot of good times!  

If you want to see the rest of the wedding, please follow this link and contact Peter & Quyen for the password!!