10 Tips On How To Plan A Wedding

Your wedding day is the most important event in any couple’s life. From deciding on the photographer, to the dress, venue, and checklists and so on. Each and every single piece matters. This why planning ahead is crucial, so that your special day goes smoothly. 

Here are 10 tips to help you plan a perfect wedding: 

1.     A budget

 Set a budget. Make it a little flexible as possible as things will come up. 

2.     Create a timeline

Plan your calendar and map out a timeline to follow-up with the wedding dates. Check the wedding planner’s website to match your timeline with them and to look for ideas.

3.     Tools

Download a wedding planning app, create checklists, and setup reminders for important dates and appointments. 

4.     The venue and photographer

The venue and décor are a part of the few things that you will remember forever. Keep in mind that the best Dallas wedding photographers need to be booked way ahead of time. 

5.     Design

Choose a theme that is easily available with your design resources. 

6.     Vendors

Create a list that has all the contact information for prospective vendors. Also, make sure to check for references when finalizing vendors. 

7.     Go the extra mile

If you put in the effort and look for the right deals on everything you are sure to come across really great options within your budget. 

8.     make time for yourself

If you get stressed out during this process, make sure to take some time for yourself. Take a day off and spend some time alone. This will also help you to get things into perspective and you will be able to reset and start again. Wedding planning is stressful, so make sure that you don't get entirely burned out and take breaks. It will pay for itself in the long-run. 

9.     Be ready for challenges

Even when you have planned ahead, last-minute challenges can happen. It is best to anticipate and prepare for them and be proactive. If you create a Plan B, if things come up they won't be as big as a deal as wedding days can be really hectic. 

10.    See the big picture

Do not fixate on one single aspect of the wedding. Plan how everything would fit into the end result.

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Quality vs. Quantity in Wedding Photos

Most brides have every right to ask for the quantity of the portraits they will be receiving from their wedding photographer. We understand the dilemma of weddings coming with too many expenses already and the expectations of the couple to get the best of everything in as little budget as possible. But sadly when it comes to quality, the smallest budget does not always give life long memories. Out of all the expenses you are making on your wedding day, make sure to focus on the ones that will build memories for a lifetime. 

How Many Photos in an Album?

According to a professional wedding photographer from Stylish Wedding Photography with over 20 years of experience, when it comes to numbers, they can provide you all the numbers you want by shooting on their mere iPhone but then again, it will be just numbers and no quality. Providing quality in photography is only possible after a great deal of processing and editing and that comes with a ton of time and effort. 

Providing a well thought out wedding story in a main wedding album is important. Stuffing albums with unnecessary photos is not always the best route. However, it does not mean that the extra photos are a waste. Most professional photographers can create an extra album for you including back-ups on Dropbox or Google Drive so that you, your family, and your friends can conveniently view them online.  

Photographers at Sussex claim to cover an event of 10-12 hours with about 3,000 images. Some weddings might vary, so the count may go up to 4,000 frames. Also, it does not mean that if a professional has shot 3,000 images, they are to deliver all of them to you. We usually have to rely on the perfect frame to emerge at any given time and that requires a lot of shots. 

Though, that does not mean that all of those shots were perfect. And that is where photo processing and in-depth analysis of each frame comes in to play. After your wedding, photographers pick and choose the ones with the best stories, expressions, frames, and lighting to deliver only the best.

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Top Rated Wedding Photographers

Your wedding photography is something that will immortalize your special day – capturing each and every aspect of the emotions in the event. Below is a quick list of three of the best and most trusted wedding photographers based in Dallas, Texas.  

Nicholas Leitzinger Photography

Approximately a decade of experience behind him, Nicholas started off by avoiding wedding photography altogether - until he realized that his most cherished activity in life is travel the world only to capture the deep chemistry and connection between two people. He and his wife Kasi, let the wedding day story unfold on its own and capture every detail like a scribe until their album is an amalgam of perfect emotions, storytelling and creativity. They are Dallas based but they do travel to destinations for capturing the unique narrative that every wedding has to offer.

Rafael Serrano Photography

Rafael intends to introduce a personal style and vibrant vibe for any wedding that he captures.  The subdued presence of destination events and Dallas, Texas / Forth Worth help him to craft high resolution photos and prints without disrupting key moments in your day. Rafael and his team also make themselves available to capture significant milestones and other engagement events. Rafael is based in Garland, Texas but can be called to capture nationwide weddings. The husband-wife duo makes the perfect cloud-work should they catch the sky behind you and make your portraits look amazing.

Amy Karp Photography

Amy Karp is the name you must not have heard for the first time. She is the most sought after wedding photographer in the whole world after her underwater fine art wedding photography went viral. She provides it all; details of magazine style, dreamy bridal portraits, and other in-the-moment portraits that keep the soul of the wedding day alive even after years have gone by. This Dallas based Southern bell has a great sense of humor and oodles of talent and experience that you will need on your big day. 

And of course, we rock :)

We are destination wedding photography experts for high-end and luxury weddings and we are right here in Dallas, TX. We also serve clients in Fort Worth. Drop us a message down below and we would love to see if we are a good fit for your next destination wedding. 

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What to Look for in a Wedding Photographer

Photographs are a major piece of your wedding that are going to last with you for a lifetime. The wedding cake, flowers and other décor might be as important for the day but it all ends as the day ends. Besides, the most important thing needed to capture it all is a top-caliber wedding photographer! But what a wedding photographer might reveal for your special day remains a mystery until after the fact. So, to help you out with choosing the right fit for capturing all of the memories that you are going to make, here are some helpful tips: 

Choose a Style

When it comes to photography, the camera can make a whole new world out of your real one. There are many styles of photography that you can choose from as a signature for your wedding.  If you want your day to be all about those spontaneous, candid pictures, choose a documentary style. If you prefer the old classic album like your parents’ or grandparents’ wedding album, go for portraiture. Fine art usually involves more photo-touching by the photographer. 

They can infuse their own artistic skills to a greater extent and make your wedding photographs look natural. It is reality based; the only difference is that the reality is shaped by your wedding photographer. Furthermore, edgy and bold is an offshoot of the last style, only it includes some out of the box thinking (such as unconventional bridal or bridesmaid poses) on part of the photographer. This style challenges old photographic traditions and infuses Dutch (tilted) angles and unconventional framing in your photos.

Read reviews and do your research

Recent newlyweds, especially in Dallas, often have great things to say about how they planned their entire wedding. They are enthusiastic in sharing it on Facebook, Instagram, and in person.

Hold interviews

Meeting your potential photographers in person by holding an interview is often more enlightening than any amount of review reading or album views alone. So, call them to see if they are even available on your wedding dates. This is very important. 

Make sure your personalities match

If the photographer does not show much interest in your idealized vision of a wedding, or does not vibe with you on a personal level. Your image on their camera is also going to be inhibited and perplexed. So make sure to do your due diligence. 

Compare packages

General wedding photographer packages range from $2,500 to $15,000 depending on where your photographer is based, the number of albums that you want, and how many edits that you need on your favorite photos. If you are willing to pay top dollar, make sure that you are paying for exactly what you want. 


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