Thank you SO much for your interest in having me photograph your big day! By now, you will have received an email from me already…so…once again, THANK YOU!

Please remember that we are here for YOU first…this brand is built around the idea that “we will be better today than we were yesterday.” We are 100% there for your day, well-prepared and organized, ready to jump in at any problem you might have. We have no second jobs, no side-hustles. This is our primary focus for our couples.

So please read this page from top to bottom and take a look at a few reasons why we kickass at what we do! And please be sure to check out some of our Google testimonials and wonderful Yelp Reviews too! We don’t make this stuff up :D

How Are We different

1.  We Care About Your Story

We're not afraid to tell your story.  If that means travelling to far and away places, let's do it.  Does that mean photographing in a movie theater because that was your first date?  Or a classroom because you're high school sweethearts?  Pet lovers that want to include your dog, riding through downtown on a bicycle in the middle of traffic? Let’s do it. Your chemistry is what shines in these moments.  The butterflies, the laughter, love and celebration.  The excitement and joy of the day will seem like it will pass in a blink of an eye.  We want you to transcend time and re-connect with those moments 20, 30, 40 years from now like it was happening all over again.  We want that energy to reverberate through you..so get caught in the moment and we’ll help you relive it. We want to photograph YOUR story as the best Dallas wedding photographers around! 

2.  Email Or Call Us, We’ll be There

Don’t you hate a someone that doesn’t pick up the phone or answer their emails?  Not a problem for us.  As one of the premier Dallas wedding photographers out there, we know how difficult and stressful a wedding can be.  So whatever you need, we’ll be around.  

4.  Don't Wait a Year for Photos

We know how quickly your Big Day will pass.  And we want you to relive it as soon as possible.  Your 1st Anniversary gift shouldn’t be your wedding photos.  We average a 1.5 month turn around to gallery for your family and friends to view.  Often quicker but never longer.

5.  Don’t Be Nervous, Just Be You

Be you.  We know...you hate posing!  It can be awkward, it can be strange.  But we get it!  We took courses on posing so that you feel comfortable.  We continually analyze how we photograph to make sure that lighting, shadows and angles make you look your best.   And we're very detail orientated...we'll make sure your hands are doing something and that the hair is out of your way.  Just be you, we might interject here and there and have fun!  If you’re nervous or need some guidance, we’re your folks.  We know how it feels to be in front of the camera - you’re not models that do this everyday - and we know that!   So let us help break that nervous ice so that we can help guide your photos if you need that help.

5.  What We Focus On

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.  We are moved by wonderful photography throughout history because they are raw and emotional. They are you.  So we focus on the basics that make photography great. Your stories, the history and raw emotions.  What we don’t focus on are fads.  We won’t do things that look outdated in 5 years.  We aren’t doing anything new in photography here just carrying on the torch of what great photographers have been doing for over 100 years now.

6.  We Thrive On Difficult

Our clients love how we can turn impossible shots into incredible ones. Our team has almost 40 years of experience combined and we are deeply passionate about making the best out of the worst.  Our portfolio reflects this...we've photographed in the snow, in the rain, at night, on the beach and on windy mountain tops...we can make it happen.  Any time, any day, we will make magic happen as one of the best Dallas wedding photography groups out there!

Wedding Investments:

We have 3 Collections that contain a very unique Italian wedding album for you. We are also open to custom quotes, so if these do not fit you exactly, I’m sure we’d still be able to help. We’d love to work with you!

Classic Collection: This collection is perfect for the wedding that just needs day-of-coverage but adds a little extra that make us extra competitive. We offer 2 prices for this collection - One with David Loi and a 2nd photographer to be at your wedding and 2 with David Loi Studios Master photographers to be at your wedding.

  • 8-hrs of coverage

  • 2-photographers

  • Day of Slideshow

  • Gallery for Friends and Family

  • Printable High-Resolution 4k Images for Download from the Gallery.

  • 8x8 20-page “Florence” Italian hand-crafted album with box.

  • $3300 (before Tax. Value of $4900 A’la Carte) for David Loi and 1 Senior-Level David Loi Studios Photographer (2-photographers).

”The Florence” comes in our “Classic” Collection. This is the first of our 3 that we offer for our wedding collections…it’s a wonderful little 8x8” album that fits in well in any location and with the box that comes outside, it fits in nicely anywhere in the home, while protecting the album itself. The album colors come in a variety of colors to best fit your wedding day, but the real fun is in the customization!

Elegant Collection: This is my personal favorite, as we love the all-around that this all includes. I will include a 2 hour engagement session and 9-hours of wedding day coverage and of course a beautiful “Milano” wedding album. I love the engagement sessions because it helps us get to know each other, but gives us an opportunity to tell a unique story of your love story through photos as the wedding day. Also, engagement sessions gives you an idea of my approach to your wedding day as well as how we connect.

  • 9-Hours of Wedding Day Coverage

  • David Loi And 1 Master-Level Photographer (2-Photographers total)

  • 2-hour Engagement Session with David Loi.

  • 16x24 - print from Engagement Session

  • Day of Slideshow

  • Gallery for Friends and Family

  • Printable High-Resolution 4k Images for Download from the Gallery.

  • 9.5x13 30-page “Milano” Hand Crafted Italian Wedding Album with Heirloom Wooden box.

  • $4700 (before Tax. Value of $8400 A’la Carte).

“The Milano” is a part of the “Elegant” package. My Milano album is either a 13x9.5 vertical or horizontal album or a 9.5x9.5 square album.  My preference here is to have a 13x9.5 horizontal album…my favorite!  These are premium albums handcrafted in Italy.  They smell rich and feel rich and come in a wooden box.  Very sturdy, very heavy and can last through anything except a Texas tornado…It’s designed to be on a book shelf or coffee table…ready to be taken out and to shown its beautiful wedding photos for the special! The colors of the albums can be mix-and matched but the customization on this album is amazing…you’ll get 30-pages to start, but you can add up to 100 photos, acrylic cover, leather, etc…don’t worry, we will help you select these!

Timeless Collection - The Timeless Collection is our most complete collection that includes everything that we offer, and nothing left behind. It’s for the ones where love has no bounds and they are un-afraid to show it and has some very cool items like “Couple for Life” and All-Day Coverage!

  • All-Day Coverage!

  • David Loi And 1 Master-Level Photographer (2-Photographers total)

  • 2-hour Engagement Session with David Loi.

  • 2-hour Bridal Session with David Loi

  • 16x24x1.5” canvas from Engagement Session or Bridal Session

  • Day of Slideshow

  • Gallery for Friends and Family

  • Printable High-Resolution 4k Images for Download from the Gallery.

  • “Couples For Life” - 2-hr session with David Loi Studios every year after the wedding for major life events (Maternity, 1-year anniversary, family photos, etc).

  • 16x12 30-page “Venice” Handcrafted Italian Wedding Album with Heirloom Wooden Box.

  • $8500 (before Tax. Value of $12,000 A’la Carte)

The “Venice” albuma part of the “Timeless” Collection. This is grand and as beautiful as it comes in at 12x16”. This is for the person that wants to make it known that they are in love and have no shame in showing off their love…the super-sized photos will enchant you and you’ll be living your memories in high-definition inside a gorgeous album. Albums start with 30-pages and can go on forever…the level of customization on this album is also the highest…we can make it fit what you’ve always wanted!

AWesome!! Now what…?

Let’s chat! Either over the phone, over Hangouts or in person over coffee! I think it’s important for us to meet so that not only do we see how well we get along, but also because I want to learn more about your story, what makes you two fell in love with each other and of course, I can also get into the conversation of planning your wedding as well! So…let’s talk!

Call me at 214-773-2424 or feel free to email me back! david@davidloistudios.com…Thanks guys!

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