Destination Engagement Session in Portland Oregon

Bebe & Kevin's Surprise Proposal in Portland, Oregon!  So Bebe & Kevin fell in love with each other so quickly...they decided to just go straight to the engagement session, skipping the proposal.  Well...that's not what Kevin had in mind.  I had never met Kevin before, but Bebe had fallen in love with my work so they flew me out to Portland to do an engagement session.  Kevin secretly told me to be ready for the proposal....well half way into our session...they're totally getting into each other without any direction from me...and well, I had to gently remind Kevin that he had to propose, hah!  What a great time.  These images are directly from both the proposal and engagement session and the next day when they had a bridal session in Washington State.  Poor Kevin had to carry the dress on a 2.5 mile hike!  But I think the results were worth it ;)