Size Of Your Wedding Doesn't Matter To Us

Big weddings, small weddings.  It doesn't matter to us.  Your story is your story, your love is yours.  Backyard weddings, destination weddings, large extravagant weddings - we have seen them all.  And we want to be there to capture those memories. 

Email Or Call Us, We'll Be There

Don't you hate someone that doesn't pick up the phone or answer their emails?  Not a problem for us.  We know how difficult and stressful a wedding can be.  So whatever you need, we'll be around.   

We Can Do Better

We believe we have the passion to improve our photography.  And we also believe the industry can do better.  We believe the best picture we have taken has yet to come.  We have only seen a glimpse and there's so much more to learn.  We are excited about how our craft continues to develop.  And we want to prove it to you. 

We Thrive On Difficult Environments

Our clients love how we can turn impossible shots for other photographers, into something incredible.  Our team has almost 40 years of experience combined and we're deeply passionate about improving our skills every time we are behind the camera.  Our portfolio reflects this...we've shot in the snow, in the rain, at night, on the beach, on a mountain - we can make it happen.  Anytime, Any day, we will make magic happen. 

We Believe In Prints

Every package we offer comes with prints and/or an album.  Who has ever sat down with a glass of wine to stare at an old DVD drive?  

Prints & Albums

We curate from the finest of sources for our albums and prints.  Our prints range from wonderful Fuji paper to the incredibly classic Hahnemule paper.  The Hahnemule paper mill in Germany has been printing paper since the 1600s!  And our albums are hand-made in Italy. We're nerds for this kind of stuff...

What We Focus On

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.   We are moved by wonderful photography throughout history because they are raw and emotional.  They are you.  So we focus on the basics that make photography great.  Stories, History and Emotions.  What we don't do is focus on fads in photography.  We won't do things that will look out-dated in 5 years.  We aren't doing anything new in photography here...we're just carrying on the torch of what great photographers have been doing for over a 100 years now.

We Stay Out of Your Way

Wedding Days have many different vendors often coming together from all walks of life.  That day depends on all of us working together like a big team.  And that's what we will do - we aren't there to be in a turf war.  We will introduce ourselves to your other vendors, discuss a plan quickly and be there to work along side your other vendors to ensure that we're all happy and getting what we need done. 

My Awards Come from My Happy Couples

We don't care about awards.  It takes time to submit to blogs and websites for photographers to get awarded.  We feel like our clients don't get the attention they deserve if we're busy submitting for awards.  Instead we focus on you, taking pictures, and the important details of your day.  Happy clients, happy business.  

We Are Well Connected

Weddings aren't easy and can seem over-whelming.  But we're here to help.   We tell people that we want to be their "Wedding Consultant."  If you need any advice or any ideas, hit us up.  And if we don't know the answer, we'll reach out to our vast network to find that help for you. We're here to make your Big Day easier, not more difficult.

We Care About Your Story

We're not afraid to tell your story.  If that means travelling to far and away places, let's do it.    Does that mean photographing in a movie theater or in a classroom?  Let's have fun!  Are you two pet-lovers and want a photos with your dog, riding on a bicycle through Downtown Dallas in the middle of traffic...Do you have to ask twice?  These are the moments we need to capture!  We want to photograph YOUR story.

Don't Wait A Year For Photos

We know how quickly your Big Day will pass. And we want you to relive it as soon as possible.  Your 1st Year Anniversary gift shouldn't be your wedding photos.  We average a 6 week turn-around to gallery for your family and friends to view.  Sometimes quicker but never longer.  

Don't Be Nervous, Just Be You

Be you.  We want you to live and be who you are.  If you're nervous or need some guidance, we're your folks.  We know how it feels to be in front of the camera - we're not models that do this everyday.  So let us help break that nervous ice so that we can help guide your photos if you need that help. 

Love Is People. We Care About the People First.

Your chemistry is what shines in these moments.  The butterflies, the laughter, love and celebration.  The excitement and joy of the day will seem like it will pass in a blink of an eye.  And that's why we're there first capture those moments so that you can relive them over and over.  We want you to transcend time and re-connect with those moments 20, 30, 40 years from now like it was happening all over again.  We want that energy to reverberate through get caught in the moment and we'll help you relive it.